The Benefits of Weight Training for Combat Athletes

The Benefits of Weight Training for Combat Athletes

Believe it or not, many combat athletes don’t think strength training has any place in their fitness regime. Why? Many believe that strength training for combat athletes will leave you slow, musclebound and inflexible. 

While the truth is quite different. Do you think Antony Joshua achieved what he has without incorporating strength training into his fitness regime? No. 

The Benefits of Strength Training for Combat Athletes

Proper strength training for boxing and Muay Thai lovers will leave you more powerful, more difficult to injure and more likely to land a knockout blow. You’ll also have a benefit when you compare yourself to others in your weight division. It’s more difficult to successfully takedown a fighter who has great foundational strength too. 

So how do you achieve these benefits and avoid becoming musclebound, inflexible and slow? Follow these rules below and you’ll improve your fight game in just about every respect. OR if you are already a member, reach out to your Personal Mentor and they will create you the perfect Strength Training Program to achieve your goals!

Rules for Strength Training for Combat Athletes

  • Always bear in mind your weight division. If you’re right at the top weight of your weight division adding 20lbs of muscle probably isn’t a good idea. Unless you’ve got 20lbs of fat to lose to balance things out. If you have – torch that fat. Proper manipulation of your weight can give you a significant advantage come fight night. 
  • As with many things in life the basics and the best. If you get the basics of proper strength training right, you can achieve many benefits. When we’re talking basics, we mean the movements that provide the most bang for your buck. Exercises like the deadlift, squat and bench press. These exercises all build overall strength and explosive power. 
  • Don’t forget that your strength training workout doesn’t have to be too long. A strength training routine for a combat athlete shouldn’t leave you banged up before you begin any of your technique training. It’s there to supplement and improve your overall game. Not run you into the ground. Keep the volume of your strength workouts low and intense. Remember you can train long and you can train hard, but you can’t train long and hard.

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