The Challenges You’ll Overcome When You Start Muay Thai

The Challenges You’ll Overcome When You Start Muay Thai

If you’re thinking about trying our Muay Thai classes soon – we’ll welcome you warmly but come prepared! There are a few challenges that almost every Muay Thai practitioner faces, overcomes and can relate to. 

Many newbies ask, ‘What does Muay Thai teach you?’ and in overcoming these challenges you’ll find the answer. 

The Challenges

Intimidation or what’s sometimes called ‘Gymtimidation’. Going to a regular gym can be intimidating enough, but when it’s a martial arts gym you might feel more intimidation. Overcoming this initial worry will let you see that we’re a friendly bunch at our Muay Thai school in Singapore. We welcome newbies and experienced Muay Thai warriors alike. But overcoming this initial intimidation is one of the ways you earn respect in the gym. By turning up you show you’re willing to put yourself out there. 

Lifestyle Changes

You might not plan it initially. But after your first Muay Thai lessons in Singapore you’ll become hooked. You’ll then want to maximise your results, and you’ll do that by changing your lifestyle. Beginners typically start by fixing their diets, they already work hard enough at Vanda and burn a tonne of calories. 


You’ll be moving in ways you didn’t think you could and using every muscle in your body. That means you’ll be sore for a few days after your workouts. It does get better though. Once you’ve been coming to our Muay Thai school in Singapore for some time – soreness will be a thing of the past (for the most part)! Stretching before and after workouts, proper nutrition and massages can all help to alleviate soreness. 

It’s all in your head

There isn’t a single combat sport out there that doesn’t involve its fair share of psychological battles. We’re not talking about battles between you and your opponent either. It’s often said that your greatest enemy is yourself. By mastering your mind and pushing yourself hard you’ll grow in ways you didn’t know were possibly. 

Hopefully you’re able to see that by overcoming just a few of these challenges you’ll understand the answer to the age-old question: What does Muay Thai Teach you? Why not visit our Muay Thai school in Singapore? We even offer a free trial. You’re free to try our Muay Thai lessons in Singapore!

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