The Cheat Sheet: Top Diet Mistakes to Avoid

The Cheat Sheet: Top Diet Mistakes to Avoid

You’re attending your Boxing and Muay Thai classes in Singapore, putting in the hard work and gaining new skills – but your physical progress is lacking. You feel like you’re spinning your wheels, even though you’ve been doing your best with your martial arts diet.

There’s nothing more likely than a lack of progress (despite your best efforts) to cause you to give in. So why aren’t you dropping lbs of fat like you thought you would? Your Personal Mentor and our coaches have the answers, so lean on them for nutrition and diet advice! In the meantime here are a few tips to help you avoid errors. 

The Mistakes Many People Make…

Check out some of the mistakes we see many people make, you never know we might just save you weeks of frustration. 

Know What You’re Aiming For

Okay, so we’re not talking about generic goals. We’re talking about daily targets. Specifically, how many calories you need to be eating to lose fat. It’s great that you’re working hard in your Muay Thai classes in Singapore. You’re hungry afterwards and you’ve got to refuel in the right way. We’re not talking about eating a lettuce leaf and three ice cubes either. 

Use an online calculator to work out your metabolic rate. This will give you a good starting point of how many calories you need to eat a day to lose fat consistently! 

Eating Too Healthily 

Your martial arts diet should obviously be healthy. But there’s a fine line between healthy and unrealistic. Make sure you include some of your favourite treats in your diet. It’s got to be realistic. If you never get to eat chocolate – you’re bound to fall off the wagon and binge one day. Moderation and be realistic is key.

Portion Control

Lots of people set out with good intentions – eating healthy foods, but with little control over portion size. It’s easy to overeat on foods that are perceived to be healthy. Grains, in particular, are especially easy to overeat or underestimate in terms of Calories. Always ask your VANDA mentor for a guideline on portion control, that is aligned with the amount of training you are doing.

Mistakes Happen

We’re all human and we try our very best to stick to our martial arts diet or Muay Thai diet. Mistakes will happen, you’ll eat too much and fall off the wagon. But don’t give in, if you slip up – be kind to yourself and forgiving. If you throw in the towel and go on a day long binge each time you stumble with your diet – progress might just escape you. 

Whether you’re following a martial arts diet, Muay Thai diet or a bodybuilding diet these mistakes can creep in at any time. But a proper diet will allow you to get the most out of our Muay Thai classes in Singapore. To try them out for yourself click here.

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