The History of VANDA!

The History of VANDA!

We personally THINK that VANDA is the best Boxing gym in Singapore, but what we do KNOW, is that VANDA was the FIRST Boxing club in Singapore! Founded in 2007 by ex-White Collar Boxer Ian Mullane, VANDA has seen many changes over the years from its humble beginnings at Turf City!

Our first Boxing gym was a bit more rough around the edges than the gym you may know on Robinson Road! It used to be a lot harder if you wanted to learn Boxing in Singapore, with very limited options (we are talking pad-work with a coach in a carpark!). VANDA was founded when Ian could not find ANY Boxing clubs to train at so he decided to start his own! He created a small team of people who loved boxing and had a passion for growing Singapore’s Fitness sector and it was from their hard work and risk-taking that VANDA was born.

VANDA has changed a lot since those early days, we have moved between four different locations across the city, we have introduced Muay Thai as a key part of the gym, we now work with SMART wearables, and we are no longer named Vanda Boxing Club! Our team has grown alongside Singapore’s love for sport and wellness, getting bigger and better, but always continuing to provide the best fitness service for our members! Many of our members (and coaches) have been with us from day one because the VANDA community (or VANDA FAM as we call it) has always been at the centre of everything we do. With the rise of other MMA schools, Kickboxing gyms and Fight Clubs, the two things that have always kept VANDA special, are our unique membership package and amazing community! We are so grateful to have supported so many wonderful members, fighters and White Collar Boxers over our time.

We LOVE that Boxing and Muay Thai have become huge passions for many people in Singapore and we are proud to know that VANDA was at the heart (and the start) of it all!

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