The Honour Of Stepping Inside The Ring

The Honour Of Stepping Inside The Ring

If you want to know what you’re made of and who you are – book a boxing free trial. You’ll discover what you can do when you put your mind to it. It will prepare you for when you want to discover more and it will be at that moment that you decide to step inside the boxing ring or the Muay Thai ring. It will in the ring that you will discover who and what you can become

The Ring

The ring in boxing or Muay Thai might seem little more than an empty space. An empty space with a bouncy floor and some old rope wrapped around the outside. If you’ve ever stepped inside the ring, you know it’s much more than that.

The boing ring is where everything else fades away and two people are left as equals. Two people who’ve been training for years for this very moment. Nothing else matters and the very fibre of your being is put to the ultimate test – combat.

What It Takes

The boxing ring is the place that world titles are won and lost, where champions are made, and legacies created. Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano and Mohammed Ali all stepped inside the boxing ring to be laid bare. Can you?

All the hard work to get in to the ring could easily be wasted if the fighter lacks certain attributes when inside the Muay Thai/boxing ring. A fighter needs more than punching power and agility to become any more than a journeyman.

Courage is high on the list – but it’s important to remember that everyone feels fear. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but it’s the mastery of fear. Being able to channel that fear into the right type of action.

But courage isn’t the only mental attribute required to push yourself.

The Honour

To step inside the boxing ring or the Muay Thai ring is to walk in the footsteps of many champions. But you’ll also be walking in the footsteps of thousands of other competitors who, like you, weren’t in it for glory. They just wanted to improve themselves and put themselves to the test.

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