The quick wins you need this January!

The quick wins you need this January!

January is here (sigh). Gone are the days of partying and indulgence, as we are back to the grind! But Jan doesn’t have to look this bleak, it can be a fresh start allowing you to channel some good focus, so you can get back to building on YOU! But what if you’re January motivation hasn’t kicked in yet and you want a few quick wins and to get fit and fast?

Well, we aren’t going to leave you out in the cold without any clue about how to give yourself some early victories! Starting off with some quick wins can give you results and that motivation you need. We all know results are one of the best ways to keep yourself loyal to a fitness programme.

Quick Wins

Don’t drink your calories

This ties in nicely with ‘Dry January’. It’s probably why ‘Dry January’ was invented in the first place – to help people shift some of their Christmas padding in an easy way! Don’t drink your calories, whether that’s alcohol, a creamy latte with whipped cream, smoothies – you get the idea. Saving those calories for whole foods will keep you fuller for longer.

Strength training

Not only does strength training help you gain muscle, but you’ll burn loads of calories and increase the number of calories you burn when you’re sat down. More muscle mass means your resting metabolic rate is higher.

High intensity interval training or HIIT

 A sure-fire way to get fit and fast is in one of VANDA boxings or Muay Thai classes. Our coaches will run your thought various drills and circuits and burning hundreds of calories an hour. Research shows that HIIT keeps your body burning Calories even after you have finished working out.

The Power of Protein

Protein keeps you fuller for longer – fact. By eating a portion of protein with each meal you’ll be giving your body all of the building blocks required to recover after each workout. Non-starchy vegetables are also a great way to bulk out meals without adding too many calories.

Putting It All Together

At VANDA we have all of the tools to help you make the best start to your new year and get fit fast. Whether thatinvolves our Muay Thai lessons or boxing classes, or your first steps on yourpath to fitness greatness in our boxing club in Singapore – it’s up to you.

What is a certain, though, is a warm community who will support you on your journey. Our personal mentors (who are free by the way!) will point you in the right direction and challenge you –  always.

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