The VANDA way is the SMART way

The VANDA way is the SMART way

What if we told you that the SMART wearables you have and are encouraged to wear at VANDA, not only improve your chances of reaching fitness success but will help you get to know other members too?! Let us explain how these wearables can propel you to legendary status and earn you lots of new gym buddies!

Reward Me Please!

Everyone likes to know what we are aiming for and to of course to be rewarded when we achieve it. The problem is, how do you know what to aim for and when you’ve reached it? That’s where your VANDA’s personal mentors and Toolkit come in. (And the good news is that both are included in your membership fee!)

  • Working together with your personal mentor you’ll be able to set your goals, so you’ll know what you’re working towards. They’ll then support you along your journey, through all the twists, turns and bumps in the rocky road of fitness.
  • Your VANDA Toolkit will give you all the information you need from each class to reach your goals. Want to know what your heart rate is peaking in each class or how many calories have you burned today? Just be sure to wear your Myzone and then tap onto your app and it’ll let you know.

Community And Competition

So your Myzone can help you get to the next level of fitness by tracking all of the data you could ever desire, but what about getting to know the other members of VANDA? Who doesn’t love a little bit of healthy competition? With the SMART wearables, you can see real-time what your body is doing and (in classes) you can compete against other members. Healthy competition creates a warm and welcoming community for you to work out in, and it’ll be sure to have you chatting to your closest rival about how they got into such great shape!

Statistics Aren’t Everything

Life, families and stressful jobs can all affect your fitness efforts. Whether you’re up at night because of your newborn baby or working late to meet deadlines it might mean you can’t push as hard in some classes. Don’t forget that there’s more to life than the statistics your wearable gives you and your mentor is always here to help you stay on track and support you. 

At VANDA you have the support of a personal mentor, SMART wearables and a warm community around you. All working together to help you reach your fitness goals. To book a trial click here.

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