The VANDA Way!

The VANDA Way!

At VANDA we have designed our classes are YOU and your lifestyle. We want you to get as much out of every class as possible, therefore we have a few simple rules we ask so that you and the rest of our members have the best experience possible!

Be Punctual

Be on time for class if not earlier. Being early gives you the time to relax before training so that you will not be overwhelmed by the instructions or information the coach has given out. If you are running late for one class, don’t rush it, attend the next class. Everyone aims to be on the time, but sometimes life gets in the way, so if you are late, ask the coaches if they can accommodate and slot you into the class so that the rhythm of the class is not broken.

Be Honest

Let people know that you need help if you are new and if you are quite experienced, let the newer students know that you are approachable. Iron sharpens iron, eventually, everyone will know how to box and spar likewise. Don’t forget to always pass on the torch to the new students who just joined the club!

 Be Vocal

Your coach won’t judge you if you leave early for class. We know you have other commitments outside of the gym. You already made the effort to come for class, you already earnt the respect of your coach. Just inform your coach when you leave so that he does not think that you passed out somewhere in the gym!

Be Considerate

All of us have heard of the occasional alpha male who hits too hard during sparring or that one person who goes around flailing his or her limbs without care of their surroundings. Training hard is fine but if you spar too hard, soon no one will want to be your partner. Consider the other people in your class so everyone has the best workout possible!

Be Respectful

Your coaches have clocked in hours of experience in their respective fields. Their advice carries weight. He or she can spot your mistakes that you are subconsciously doing and they have taken the time among 20 other athletes to observe you so you can improve. Listen to their constructive advice and keep improving.


Nobody likes an unpleasant or disrespectful partner. You may have a bad day but, that doesn’t mean it should be a bad session for everyone else. Be mindful of what you speak and respect the personal space of others.

Be Motivated

Always push yourself. Make yourself better. Complete your reps. Follow they MyZone zones. At the end of the day, when you see that heap of calories burnt and you have racked up a ton of MyZone points, you will feel good and accomplished.


Be Smiley!

SMILE! It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown. Trust us, when you work out, you’d rather be using that extra 26 muscles to work out as your coach will be pushing you to your limits.

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