Tips for Muay Thai First Timers

Tips for Muay Thai First Timers

You’ve just set out on your Muay Thai journey and you may (or may not) be raring to step inside the Muay Thai ring. You’ve seen the results others have achieved and know that Muay Thai benefits it’s faithful trainees. If everyone knew how much Muay Thai benefits you, we’re sure they’d all want to take part in our Muay Thai lessons in Singapore. 

When your Muay Thai journey is well under way – you’ll gain strength, flexibility, fitness and confidence in all areas of your life. You can expect these Muay Thai benefits to be even more pronounced if you step inside the ring. 

But if we could go back to the beginnings of our Muay Thai journeys there are some lessons we wished we had focused on. So here are our top tips for beginners, helping you to start your journey on the right path.

Get Good Gloves

You can use our gloves, but you’ll probably end up having a favourite pair anyway! Investing in a well-fitting, high quality pair of Muay Thai gloves will help you avoid injury and keep you in the gym, gaining all of those Muay Thai benefits for longer. (Don’t worry you get a GREAT VANDA pair when you sign up, in your ToolKit!)

Learn to Wrap Up

This goes hand in hand with the previous point (no pun intended, okay – just a slight pun intended). Learning the correct way to wrap your hands, early-on, will help you protect the small bones in your hands. 

Form First – Then Power

Once you’ve learnt the correct form for your strikes and grappling – the power can be applied. Going all out straight way is like unleashing a new driver on a track on their very first day of driving – somethings bound to go wrong! If you attend our Muay Thai classes in Singapore you’ll learn the correct form, before being let loose.

Rest and Recover

Real progress is made in the gym AND outside of the gym. You can work hard in the gym, but if you don’t rest and recover properly – you won’t see the Muay Thai benefits. Proper recovery involves getting enough sleep, fuelling up before and after a workout and making sure you stretch. 

If you ever decide to step inside the ring, Muay Thai or boxing – you’ll be glad you focused on a few basics early on in your martial arts journey. Injuries you gain at the start of your fitness journey can haunt you for years to come if you’re not careful. If you would like to attend our Muay Thai classes in Singapore, head over to our website to find our schedule.

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