Tips To Take Your Fight To The Next Level

Tips To Take Your Fight To The Next Level

We love boxing in Singapore – we’ve got the best coaches and a great community of members! We’re always surprised by how the people here make boxing lessons in Singapore more fun because of it.

If you’re taking Muay Thai classes in Singapore you might wonder how to take your fight to the next level. Here are our top tips to take your fight game up a notch.

Train With Purpose

When you go to your boxing lessons in Singapore, have a purpose. Have a skill or trait that you want to train. Focus on something that you really want to improve – each and every lesson. Don’t just turn up and hope that by going to your boxing lessons in Singapore you’ll become a pro.

Footwork is Everything

If you’ve been to our Muay Thai classes or boxing lessons in Singapore – you’ll know this already. But, if you only ever focus on one skill in your boxing career – make it footwork. Everything starts with your feet. Movement, power, defence – it all starts from the ground. 

Without good footwork you’ll be easy to knock down, throw weak punches and find yourself in the corner, a lot!

Learn To Clinch

This might sound strange. It’s probably not something you focus on when you’re in your boxing lessons in Singapore. But, learning to clinch effectively can take your fight up a notch. Clinching is all about taking control of the fight. By clinching you stop your opponent’s plan – in it’s tracks. You can then put all those hard-earned lessons from your boxing classes in Singapore to good use. 

Train With Good People

There are many boxing lessons in Singapore. There are many Muay Thai classes in Singapore. But the real difference comes down to the people who teach those lessons. If you like them, enjoy training with them and their style meshes with yours – you’ll learn.

It’s a piece of advice that’s often left in the cold. But, if you can find a boxing community that you fit in with, you’ll start to grow. 

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