Top Tips For Your First Muay Thai Classes

Top Tips For Your First Muay Thai Classes

Before you head to your first Muay Thai classes in Singapore and learn Muay Thai we’ve got a checklist for you. TO get the most out of your lessons and reap all of the Muay Thai benefits, see what you should do before your first classes below:

Take A Day Off

Not off work, though that would be nice! Don’t do any strenuous exercise. You’re going to need to have all of your energy reserved for your first class. Make sure you haven’t got any niggling injuries either. So, to get the most out of your first Muay Thai classes in Singapore – rest up!


It’s no secret that hydration is necessary for peak performance. But if you go to a Muay Thai class dehydrated, you’re probably not going to have a pleasant experience! So take a bottle of water with you, and make it a big one!

It’s Going To Be Tough

Muay Thai offers many benefits, and anything that’s worth having is hard to get – or so the saying goes. Before you learn Muay Thai check your expectations at the door and you’ll enjoy yourself a lot more. Expect it to be a really exciting, but difficult workout that will challenge you each and every week. 

You’re Not Going To Be Any Good

It’s a tough and demanding sport and your first Muay Thai classes in Singapore are going to feel like torture. But, after the initial shock, you’ll start to earn the many Muay Thai benefits that you were promised: burning hundreds of calories per session, feeling fitter and stronger than you have for years and suddenly noticing that your trousers are a little loose. 

Don’t Forget To Stretch

Your teachers will take care of you before and after your workouts, making sure you stretch your muscles before you work. But, when you’re at home it’s also important to get some much-needed stretching in. Because of the nature of Muay Thai, you’ll want to be flexible and if you don’t stretch – you’re going to be tight. If your muscles are tight, they are much more prone to injury too.So, now you’re ready to learn Muay Thai and head to your first Muay Thai classes in Singapore! If you’d like to make it a free lesson, click here – we offer a free trial!

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