Train SMART at VANDA With MyZone

Train SMART at VANDA With MyZone

The Pre-Fitness Wearable Era

Working out has come a long way since the bright leotards and star-jumps of the 80s! Where it used to be considered that only cardiovascular workouts were needed to maintain a decent level of fitness, we all know now that much more is required to make your way toward a well-balanced regime and well-toned bod. The principal form of determining the effectiveness of your workouts involved sweating as much as possible and hoping the number on the scales was lower each time you hopped on them. The idea of measuring and tracking your training with a wearable device was confined to professional sports and the super-rich, but times have changed!

Technology Meets The World Of Fitness

The world of wearables looked as though it was never going to take off, but the dawn of smart-watches and health-conscious device users has seen them boom for fitness use. Luckily, VANDA is here to show you how to use them best to really supercharge your workouts.

The MYZONE fitness wearable (found in your ToolKit!) is a strap worn directly on the skin across the chest and detects the electrical pulses given out by your heart to monitor your heart rate as you walk, work-out or move and to give information on your average, resting, and maximum heart rate levels. All new and renewing members at VANDA will be eligible to receive a belt for free, so now’s a great time to try it out take your fitness to the next level.


VANDA is using fitness wearables to give you an advantage in all of your workouts and workout classes. During your class, induction or solo training, your results will be projected onto the gym walls. So at VANDA you can see in real-time how your heart is coping with the level of stress you’re putting it through! Of course, once you can see the heart rate zone you’re in, you’ll want to experiment and put it up and down to see how far you can take things.

This gives you a measurement and a result to aim for that you’ve never had before. This is scientifically directly linked to your overall health and fitness level. Of course, it being projected directly in front of everyone else in the gym really adds to the competition – against others, and yourself. This is a level of workout you’ve never been able to aim for before!

Making The Most Of Your MyZone Belt

MYZONE’s suite of information, all accessible through an app on your smart-device, gives you further data on your body. This equips you with the intelligence you need to tailor your workouts. It also helps you focus on activities that best optimise the areas that are the healthiest. This intelligence allows to build up a training programme (with a Vanda PT, if you’d like) that’s bespoke like none other, supercharging your efforts and achieving results quicker and more efficiently than ever before.

All Vanda staff are available to help advise you on how to use your MYZONE fitness wearable and the different fitness techniques to try with it. It’s ideal for wear during one of our Boxing or Muay Thai classes or a standard work-out or if you’re just taking a walk or run. Turning your heart rate monitoring data into usable intelligence allows you to use your efforts in the best possible way for tangible results.

If you want to train the SMART way, with cutting-edge fitness wearables, take a free trial today at VADA!

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