Train SMART with your MYZONE today.

Train SMART with your MYZONE today.

Say hello to the MYZONE. The MYZONE is a heart rate tracker wore around your chest for the most accurate physical reading! We give all new members a Myzone in their Toolkit, as the MYZONE plays a crucial part in our Personal Mentoring scheme and achieving your fitness success! You will see a lot of members using their MYZONE in our Boxing and Muay Thai classes with their results projected on the screens so our coaches can see how hard everyone is working.

In this blog we will outline how the MYZONE can transform your workouts and help you achieve YOUR goals quicker than ever!  

MYZONE Heart Rate Zones


Using Heart Rate Training to manage your workouts and fitness activity is not a new training method, but using your MYZONE it makes it more accurate and achievable than ever before! Your MYZONE measures a few CRUCIAL metrics and then places you in one of the five key heart rate zones to show you how hard you are working:

  • Grey zone: 50-59% of maximum heart rate
  • Blue zone: 60-69% of maximum heart rate
  • Green zone: 70 to 79% of maximum heart rate
  • Yellow zone: 80-89% of maximum heart rate
  • Red zone: 90-100% of maximum heart rate.

At VANDA we have created a unique Boxing and Muay Thai class schedule based around these zones. We offer our members a range of classes that explore different levels of intensity, so you know exactly how hard you should push yourself in each class.

You can from there decide which class you need to attend to achieve your goals, what mix of workouts you enjoy and what your comfort zones are!

As you train, you’ll see your heart rate zone projected onto a wall during the class, so you and your coach can track your effort as you go along without having to pull out your phone and look at it when you’re busy on the bags and pads.


Body Metrics

You can update your ‘body metrics’ (ie. height, weight, body fat) on the app so, Everytime you meet with your mentor you can get new data measurements from the InBody analyser and update your MYZONE app accordingly and set a new goal! As your resting or average heart rate decreases, your heart becomes more efficient; and your overall level of fitness increases so you can keep working towards your goals quicker then ever.

Alongside this, there’s a whole host of other information that MYZONE can present you on your heart rate training. The wearable can calculate the calories you’ve burnt during exercise and also awards you with ‘MEPs’ (MYZONE Effort Points) for each time you hit one of the heart rate zones with your activity! These points accumulate over time and you can compare and contrast with other members to see how you’re getting on – or to compete against once another!


Remember the MYZONE is in every Toolkit, so you can start training with your MYZONE as soon as you join VANDA! Join us today and take a free trial!

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