Training Tips from AJ

Training Tips from AJ

When it comes to the current boxing world, few would argue that there has been such a career as Joshua’s. Facing off some great boxers, coming from humble beginnings and remaining humble now that he has reached the top. He even lives in the same home with his mom. 

What lessons can we learn from a current boxing great? Here’s what we can learn from AJ:

Diet matters: 

If you’re feeling tired, weak or like your progress is stalling. Make sure your diet is in order. AJ felt like his power was lacking, realised he wasn’t eating enough and added more quality foods to his diet. When he did – his power grew. The next time you’re at our boxing club in Singapore, talk to our personal mentors. They’re there to help you – even with diet.  

Focus on your health: 

Too many people ignore their health at the cost of immediate goals. According to AJ if you focus on your health you’ll look good. We think it goes further than this though, if you eat for health and train for performance – the benefits will be huge. Every time you step foot inside our boxing club in Singapore you’ll progress and grow. 

Stay Professional: 

AJ likes to stay professional when he’s in the ring, he focuses on his target and keeps to his strategy. For you that might mean working hard in your boxing club in Singapore, helping in your boxing community and having goals that you work towards consistently. 

Enjoy Yourself: 

When you live a regimented lifestyle it’s easy to forget to have fun and let your hair down every now and again. Being a part of a boxing community can help you do that. There’s always a load of laughter to be had when you’re all working towards similar goals. 

Live the Life

AJ lives the life, as he puts it. He trains hard, stays focused and disciplined. He’s champion because of that. We’re probably never going to be champions, but we can be the best version of ourselves. A boxing club in Singapore (us!) wants you to come and see what we can offer – with our boxing free trial.

We’re a boxing community and we always welcome new members with open arms and a challenge: be the best version of yourself. Give it a try, we’ve got a boxing free trialwith your name on it. 

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