Underrated Techniques In Boxing

Underrated Techniques In Boxing

Boxing might just look like two ultra-fit competitors hitting each other repeatedly, until the bell rings or one falls down. But, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Most people don’t appreciate the years of effort, discipline and time that go into training. If you want to succeed in boxing you’re going to need the best boxing advice. 

There are many defense drills and training methods to use and the basics are vital. But, once you’ve got the basics down you’ll still want to develop.

Underrated Techniques

Feints:Not faints. Fainting wouldn’t do you much good. Feints are fake punches. You simply begin to throw a punch before retracting it. The aim is to make your opponent cover up, move out of the way or react in some way. This buys you valuable time. You can use that time to attack or defend. That’s why we think feints are a great boxing defense drill. 

Clinch:Some of the best boxing advice we can give you is to get out of trouble when you’re struggling. Too many boxers just hunker down and don’t move or clinch when they’re on their last legs. A clinch is a good way to regain control, stop the other fighter’s momentum or just have a few seconds of rest. It’s definitely one of the top boxing defense drills. 

The Sidestep:Boxing in Singapore is often focused on offense. But defense should never be ignored. Sidesteps are a wonderful tool and one of our favourite boxing defense drills. They allow you to get out of harm’s way and set up your own, devastating, attack. Fighting in a straight line is rarely a good idea – your opponent will quickly realise you only go backwards and forwards. Side stepping gives you a platform for defense or offense. 

Boxing In Singapore

We consider these techniques to be some of the best boxing advice you’ll get, once the basics are mastered. If you have been wrestling with the urge to try boxing in Singapore, struggle no more – come down to Vanda, we’ve got a free trial for you. We’d love to introduce your to our boxing community.

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