VANDA Predicts- 3 2019 Diet Trends

VANDA Predicts- 3 2019 Diet Trends

With the new year approaching the words ‘weight loss’ is on a lot of peoples lips as they set their New Year’s resolution or a new goal. Whether it’s a drastic transformation they are seeking or to lose a few pounds they gained over the festive period, everyone’s journey to success and the final outcome will be varied.

If you fall into the above category, you may have already been exploring diet options for 2019, searching for the latest hot diet trend or nutrition hacks. We will let you into a secret, most of these diet fads won’t last and nor will your sustained weight loss if you follow them!

There is no single diet or fitness plan which is the recipe for success, weight loss requires guidance, commitment and hard work. At VANDA we take the guesswork out of this journey, so you are following a plan that is right for YOU. So success is inevitable!

We know diet and nutrition can seem like a maze! With new trends and superfoods popping up all the time, here are few diets we think will be filling your Instagram feeds soon.

Trend 1. The Pegan diet!

This hybrid diet blends the principles of Veganism and the Paleo diet. Say goodbye to meat and a dairy and hello to a diet consisting of about 75% fruit and veg. Source protein from plant-based sources like nuts and legumes. The Pegan diet is said to increase weight loss, lower cholesterol and even reverse Diabetes.


Trend 2. Counting Macros

Say goodbye to counting calories in 2018 and hello to tracking Macros in 2019. By counting macros you are able to eat a certain amount of carbs, protein and fats per day. This, therefore, enables you to track exactly how much and what kind of nutrients you are feeding your body each day, a much more insightful method than counting calories.

Trend 3. Intermittent Fasting

IF is going nowhere fast in 2019! The diets that fall under IF such as the 5:2, Dubrow Diet and 8:16 has risen to even greater popularity after many celebrities have been seen to promote the diet. The diet involves you fasting for a select period of hours each day. IF is said to speed up your weight loss, protect you against disease and even help improve your memory!

Too much info? We get it! Dieting and nutrition can be confusing right? That’s why our Personal Mentoring scheme gives you the support and fitness and nutrition advice YOU need to help achieve your goals. So if you want to lose weight, get on track with your diet, or achieve a unique fitness goal, take a free trial today!

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