White Collar Boxing – First training session

Monday 20th July, 8pm – Meet the squad and first training session


I arrived at Vanda boxing club around 30minutes early, as soon as I walked thru the door my stomach was churning with nerves, a sensation I have not experienced in years; and happy to admit it was more fear than excitement!  I sat in the lobby observing regular training sessions, you could hear punch after punch landing on a pad or bag every few seconds, hmmm that’s going to be my face eventually!

Other squad members started to arrive and I think the nervous approach was shared by many, we all stood/sat around with minimal interaction.  As we approached 8pm the studio floor started to clear from the previous class, I was expecting the whole squad to be called into a circle with the usual kind of introductions “Hi, my name is Kirtes, I’m 40, I had my hip replaced last year blah blah blah”, no that didn’t happen, instead we heard the shrieking voice of Coach Alexis “Grab a skipping rope and start skipping”,  I noted no please or thank you, manners are free Coach (I’ll teach you some when we spar eventually!!).

The rest of the training consisted of learning basic jabs and right crosses, no gloves or contact just shadow boxing, I was surprised how sore my shoulders started to feel after 10minutes, after some basic boxing techniques we switched to circuit training, 30x each of press ups, mountain climbers, crunches and burpees, thankfully only two sets as a third set may have seen me publically collapse!

So, training session no.1 completed, 100% squad survival.  I am certain it will be the easiest session of all. The coaches and staff were great, always smiling and providing advice, it will be fun to get  to know the rest of the squad as we continue our journey to enter the ring.

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