Week 2 of training almost over…

It’s been a few days since my last blog, here’s the recap:

Saturday 25th July

My last blog I commented on the skipping rope situation i.e I was left with a flimsy piece of string!  Today I was smart, I arrived early and secured the rope of my likening, however it was pointless, the warm up was a run around the CBD rather than skipping (Vanda 1 – Kirtes 0)!    The rest of the training was enjoyable, it felt good learning how to wrap our hands and even better to finally wear gloves and look the part, the gloves were surprisingly heavy; after a few left jabs and right cross combos my chin was wide open for attack as my guard seemed to naturally gravitate to protect my thigh, I WILL improve!   Towards the end of the early morning session we were treated to breakfast, a moment of glee soon turned into grrr when breakfast was served, Coach June gave us a circuit of pain, I was even willing Burpees back!

Wednesday 29th July

Back to the skipping, my favored rope was not available, but I had a plan, I casually strolled upstairs to the muay thai training area and secured a good rope from there instead, and luckily nobody tried to stop me, I doubt this was due to fearing me either! (Kirtes 1 – Vanda 0)!  Training is starting to get tougher, there is more technique being taught which requires the mind to think of multiple things when defending and attacking, again my guard is letting me down, lets hope I have a strong chin!  One minor downside of today’s session was an injury to my right wrist, definitely self inflicted due to not wrapping correctly pre-training, I will not make that mistake again, some ice and anti-inflams seemed to have helped overnight, I reckon Friday’s session I will be focusing more on the left jab to protect the right!

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