Why Boxing and Muay Thai can help YOU achieve your goal!

Why Boxing and Muay Thai can help YOU achieve your goal!

At VANDA we are known as the go-to gym for people who want to learn Boxing in Singapore, or for members that want to learn Muay Thai Boxing BUT, over the years we have seen members join for MANY different reasons.

Martial Arts is so varied and they are so many Fight Clubs all over the world that teach different versions of Martial Arts. Even locally, there have been various MMA gyms in Singapore and then new Thai Boxing clubs that are filled with people who are using Martial Arts to get fit! We have seen members join VANDA not only to learn or better their ability in our sports but, to help them achieve weight loss, improve their posture, composition and confidence!

Here are a just three out of the hundreds of things that our sports can help YOU achieve…. We introduce to you the three C’s

1. Calorie Burn
At VANDA our Muay Thai classes and Boxing lessons can be INTENSE, imagine burning off an entire Starbucks Tall Latte in just ONE of our 30-minute Red classes! If you want to get your body fat DOWN and get your heart rate UP, Muay Thai and Boxing are the perfect sports for you.

2. Concentration
Do you ever get brain fog at your desk? We know that a good workout cuts through the distraction and sparks your concentration. When you leave VANDA after an explosive lunch session you will be more engaged and productive than ever at your desk! Our sports allow you to channel your energy into technique, making you feel mentally sharper all day long.

3. Community!
Being a fighter can be lonely with no teammates but, at VANDA, we do EVERYTHING we can to combat this! Our classes are never about egos and always about teamwork! With our coaches supporting you from the off, we pair you up with other members in every session and sparring Saturday allows you to jump in the ring with both our coaches and members! VANDA has a truly unique community so you will feel part of the VANDA FAM in no time.

We have seen the power of our Boxing and Muay Thai and how it has helped our members achieve a range of fitness goals! Explore VANDA today and take a free trial to begin your fitness journey!

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