Why Boxing at VANDA is different?

Why Boxing at VANDA is different?

VANDA was one of the first Boxing Gyms in Singapore. We still continue to create and teach the most unique boxing classes in the region and here are a few reasons why!

Our Use Of SMART Wearables- Myzone

You may wonder why our Boxing classes are coloured? Well, these colours reflect the Myzone Heat Rate Zones you will be achieved in this class! VANDA is Singapore’s first SMART gym. We use wearables like the Myzone across all aspects of VANDA. We monitor your progress in our personal mentoring scheme, to help you push yourself in class. We even put your results on the wall! Using these wearables allows you to see your success quicker and more accurately than ever before.

A Schedule Shaped Around YOU

At VANDA we create our classes around some core on factors; intensity, expertise and YOU! We want to make sure every time you step inside VANDA you can fully immerse yourself in the class. We colour code our classes to reflect the Heart Rate intensity. This allows you to understand how many calories you can burn in that class. We also give the budding fighters amongst our member’s theory classes and sparring sessions. so, you are working towards their sport-specific goals as well as their fitness ones!

Our Classes; Fitness Meets Skill  

Boxing training should always be combined with two things: Technique and Fitness. At VANDA we will never be a ‘Boxfit’ gym or Fight Club. We realise the importance of combining both disciplines. At VANDA we have created fitness led boxing classes. ‘Fighter Fit’ or ‘Strength & Conditioning’ get your heart rate UP and your sweat ON. BUT we never forget to advise you on your technique! From your punches during pad-work or your footwork around the bag, we always make sure your boxing as is skilled as possible.

So if YOU want to take part to start Boxing training at VANDA. Take the first step today and explore our free trial!

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