Why Muay Thai could make you a better YOU!

Why Muay Thai could make you a better YOU!

When somebody mentions Martial Arts you may think MMA fighters going toe to toe in the cage or Black Belts and Jackie Chan! But Martial Arts are not just for the athletically talented. In fact, many people train in sports like Muay Thai as a way to improve their mindset, general fitness and their overall quality of life!

Training in a fun and friendly space like VANDA can make Martial Arts fun and allow you to better lots of areas of your life. Below we explore how Muay Thai training can you the best version of YOU!

Self Defence

The first and most obvious reason to train Martial Arts is to learn how to defend yourself, which can be reassuring and empowering!

Training any Martial Art, from Kickboxing classes to Muay Thai sessions, gives you a set of go-to tools. Having this knowledge gives you a high level of confidence that can be used to defuse a situation.


The second reason why Muay Thai can make you a better person is the level of fitness it provides you with. Although you can certainly start training Martial Arts at any level of fitness. The movement and physical exertion it requires often leads to a rapid increase in your personal fitness.

Due to the variety of movements within in Muay Thai, you will see an increase in flexibility, muscle definition and longterm weight loss. Meaning this sport can help you achieve a range of fitness goals!


All Martial Arts require some level of discipline, but none more so than Muay Thai! A high level of control and discipline is needed, which our coaches practice ensuring the best learning can take place in a safe environment.

This level of discipline can be applied to other areas of your life. The positive rules and spiritual aspects taught in Muay Thai classes can be reflected in various aspects of your life from improving your time management to helping improve your focus.

Problem Solving

Another important life skill that can be learnt from Martial Arts is problem-solving.

When faced with challenges in Muay Thai, such as defence against a certain attack, or how best to time a strike for maximum impact, you develop a skill for quickly reading a situation and adapting accordingly. This reaction time and quick decision making you can apply to all aspects of your life!


No matter how good you become at Martial Arts, at some point during the learning process you will find yourself up against someone of superior in strength or skill. Only those that develop the humility to get beaten and learn from those experiences will ever become masters of their art.

This level of humility combined with the confidence Muay Thai provides you allows you to feel at home in the VANDA Fam!

It is clear that not only does Muay Thai provide the obvious benefits of fitness and self-defence, but can also develop you in other ways. So take a free Muay Thai trial today, so you are providing yourself with a path towards being a better version of yourself!

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