Why Pick Muay Thai Over Other Martial Arts?

Why Pick Muay Thai Over Other Martial Arts?

Before you start training in a martial art you might want to find the ‘perfect’ martial art. But that doesn’t exist, what does is exist are many other martial arts that suit different people. Muay Thai is our favourite. 

There are many reasons that we love the art of 8 limbs, and part of that is the Muay Thai benefits.

Muay Thai Benefits

Physical Changes:

One of the major plus points is that you’ll begin your very own Muay Thai body transformation. You could expect to lose several lbs of fat in the first week if your diet is in good order too. The first thing you’ll notice is your trousers start feeling a little loose, then you’ll find your shirts a bit baggy.

Muay Thai can burn upwards of 700 calories an hour. It’s not difficult to see that you’ll be working hard but reaping the rewards too. Any workout that can burn that many calories in an hour is going to get you fit and fast.

Mental Breakthrough!

One of the other Muay Thai benefits is how your mind will benefit. By training in Muay Thai you’ll be pushing yourself hard, breaking through barriers and realising that you’re more capable than you first imagined. 

While all of this hard work is happening, you’re not going to be thinking about the other stresses of your life. That’s another one of the key Muay Thai benefits: Stress relief. This might sound a little bit fluffy, but stress relief benefits all other areas of your life. 

You get to be the best version of yourself at work, at home and in the gym.


Most people who take up martial arts, will consider how useful it is – if you ever need it! Needless to say Muay Thai is very effective. It’s a ring sport, not a demonstrator sport. Other martial arts are great for displays of rehearsed routines – not Muay Thai. It’s all about being effective. 

Where To Begin

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