Why The Art of 8 Limbs Gets You Fit and Fast!

Why The Art of 8 Limbs Gets You Fit and Fast!

You probably want to get fit and be in better shape – fast: you are reading this article after all! It’s probably a safe bet to say you’re interested in Muay Thai boxing SG too! We think Muay Thai fitness beats ‘regular gym’ fitness too, you’re thinking ‘Of course they’d say that – they offer Muay Thai classes!’.

So How Does Muay Thai Get You Fit Fast?

Even if you’re never going to compete but you just want to learn Muay Thai in Singapore – your fitness will be more than ‘regular’ fitness, you’ll have Muay Thai Fitness! Muay Thai Fitness = cardiovascular fitness + strength + flexibility.

Cardiovascular Fitness

The amount and intensity of the cardiovascular conditioning that you’ll complete will tax your lungs, heart and all of your other muscles. You’ll work different energy systems (anaerobic and aerobic –your strength and endurance), meaning you’ll burn loads of calories too – during and after your workout!

The range of training you’ll be doing might involve jogging one day, hill sprints and heavy bag work the next – you will get fitter and you will get fitter FAST.


A well rounded Muay Thai programme will involve strength training to improve your ability to take and give out punishment – although that sounds a little scary, it’s not. Strength training and sports like Muay Thai improve your body’s ability to withstand stresses by increasing your bone density and muscle mass.


Working in an office, sitting down for hours and hours a day doesn’t do a lot for your flexibility. The noises you make when you have to bend down to tie your shoe laces are a good sign your flexibility leaves a lot to be desired!

Muay Thai involves a lot of stretching, high kicks and the odd body position you never thought possible. To prevent injuries, you can’t beat stretching regularly to make sure your joints are supple.


Stress Relief

I can hear you now: ‘Stress relief isn’t fitness!’. Well maybe it isn’t ‘fitness’, but stress relief improves every area of your life. Stressful jobs, crammed with tight deadlines and pressure, busy home lives where you have to juggle your children’s hobbies, education and future prospects as well as making sure you have enough quality time with your partner can cause a lot of stress.

The less stressed you are – the better you perform in every area of your life.

So maybe you’re on the fence and have been thinking you want to learn Muay Thai in Singapore for some time – now could be your chance to book a free gym trial with us. At VANDA we have a warm and welcoming community ready to challenge your fitness and take it to the next level.

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