Why VANDA boxing classes will improve your fitness AND technique

Why VANDA boxing classes will improve your fitness AND technique

Getting fit is often easier said than done. It takes willpower, determination, dedication and a conscious effort over time. But you WILL succeed with the VANDA team behind you!

Aspiring and working towards a fitter you will big improvements to three main areas.

  • Your body and physical shape,
  • Your mental health
  • Your welfare as a whole.

One of the most effective ways to better your fitness is through boxing.

You don’t have to be a serious competitor, a would-be Manny Pacquiao or the next Anthony Joshua to use the highly effective training techniques of boxing. Mums, business owners, office workers, teachers – can use boxing as the way to get there.

Let us explain why…

Benefits of boxing classes to achieve your fitness goals

As a competitive sport, boxing requires many attributes:

  • Strength and power
  • Speed, hand-eye coordination,
  • Agility and endurance,
  • & Many more!

Great cardio workout

From steady-state exercise to intense interval training, boxing classes like our Bullet Boxing will get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping. These classes work your aerobic system and are a fantastic way to improve your cardiovascular (CV) health. They enhance the strength of your heart and lungs and supporting higher levels of activity.

This type of fitness training will not only burn plenty of calories, but it’ll work the muscles in your arms, legs, back and core. Transition this to your everyday life and you’ll be breezing through life without breaking a sweat.

Better strength and body composition

As well as important CV benefits, boxing will improve your strength and the power you pack. A well-designed boxing class for conditioning will provide a balanced strength and cardio workout all rolled into one. A mix of conditioning and strength work alongside the correct eating habits will work wonders for your overall body composition.

Punching and kicking a heavy bag will work the muscles in both your upper and lower body. Plus  this seriously working your core as you keep it tight and turn into the hit each time. If it’s explosive strength you’re craving, check out our Power Pads session.

Tension release and healthy mind

Training your cardiorespiratory system has been shown as a key way to improve your mental health, reduce anxiety and de-stress.

A stimulating boxing class will see you think about nothing else as you move, punch, dodge and weave your way through, without a glance at the clock.

Many studies have shown that exercise causes endorphin release, which binds to receptors in your brain and makes you feel better.

Attending regular boxing classes will get rid of built-up tension and have a significant positive impact on your mood and outlook. Who doesn’t feel better after punching the pads? Finish a good training session and you will without a doubt have a noticeable spring in your step.

Sharpen your technique with a VANDA boxing class 

Boxing as a sport requires you to think about many different aspects

  • technique
  • footwork
  • combinations

what your opponent is doing – it’s not just about a good set of lungs and improving your strength.

Regular boxing sessions will see you learn new skills and crucial technique work. Hitting moving targets, practising combinations, head movement, footwork and punching form will all help! 

If you really want to hone your technique, our focused boxing classes for technique led by elite coaches will help you to grow your skillset to be a better technical operator inside the ring.

A boxing-centred fitness approach can quickly help you achieve your fitness goals. Not only will you be significantly improving your cardio fitness, but you’ll also be working on strength, burning calories, tightening your core, investing into your mental health and improving technique.

Check out Vanda’s weekly training schedule to choose the perfect class for you.

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