Why VANDA is The Best Boxing Gym in Singapore!

Why VANDA is The Best Boxing Gym in Singapore!

We all know that boxing is amazing. It can transform you in more ways than you might think: you’ll get lean, you’ll gain confidence and you’ll find an inner strength that you didn’t know existed. We even wrote a boxing blog about how boxing will change you.

But You Want To Train At The Best Boxing Gym

What makes a good boxing club then? And why is VANDA the best boxing gym in Singapore?


Rest assured that we’ve got all of the equipment you could ever need and more! You’ll find pads, bags, gloves, ropes, weights, wraps and even smart tech (the VANDA Toolkit) to bring your boxing journey into the 21st century.


Coaches with real experience can turn your visit to a boxing club into a transformative experience. If your trainers have real experience in the boxing ring and training in a boxing club – the difference will be enormous. Our boxing coaches Sam, Kai and Kelvin have years of experience competing and training. They definitely know how to get the best out of you!


This might sound a little bit ‘fluffy’, but VANDA has the warmest community of any boxing club in Singapore. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out our free trial here. A community might not be your first thought when you’re looking for a boxing club, but you’ll make new friends who will help you learn faster, push harder and support you when you really need it.


You had better believe that the best boxing gym in Singapore will have a long heritage – VANDA is one of the oldest boxing club in Singapore. VANDA we’ve got a long heritage, tonnes of experience and many stories to tell. Check out our post about our boxing ring and what it means here, it’s important to us!

A good boxing club (and most certainly the best boxing gym in Singapore) will transform you. It will help you become the best version of yourself and fitter than you ever imagined.  Don’t wait any longer to take your first steps into the world of boxing, try VANDA today and be welcomed into our warm community.

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