Why wait until January to become a better you?

Why wait until January to become a better you?

How to set a New Years Resolution you can stick to all year round!

New Year’s Resolutions don’t always work. If they did people would run out of resolutions to pick from and we’d all bewalking examples of perfection. But what can you do instead? What can you do tomake a lasting change that has a real impact on your life? What can you do that DOESN’T mean you have to wait until January 1st!

We don’t have an instant fix. But we do have a tried, tested and guaranteed way to get results time and time again: habits! At VANDA we help you set goals that are achievable as well as challenging. Here are a few tips that may help you to decide a New Year’s Resolution that you can actually stick to!


Motivation will get you started but it is habits that will keep you going. So wether you are taking on Boxing lessons or Muay Thai classes you need to team motivaiton with consistency. 

Motivation is the kindling that will light the fire, but habits are the logs that will keep the fire burning. Without habits, the fire dies out all too quickly. So, use that January motivation to set a new goal, join VANDA or sign up for White Collar- but support it with consistency, we can help you!

How Do You Make A Good Habit?

Well you’ve got to know what your goals are. If you know what you want you can break that objective down into smaller tasks or habits.

Now that sounds really simple – and it is. But how do you actually make a good habit that you will stick?

  1. Make the habit easy to stick to If your desired habits to do 10,000 squats a day – it’s going to take hours and hours and you’re probably never going to reach your habit goal.
  2. Make the habit obvious: It’s got to be specific. The more specific it is the easier it is to stick to. If you decide you want to make it a habit to do exercise every day – great. But it’s better to plan to run 3km a day.
  3. Make it as attractive as possible: knowing what you want to achieve and what that means to you is a massive push in the right direction. If you want to lose fat, what does that mean for you? Does it mean you’ll live longer and get to see your kids married?
  4. Make the habit satisfying: If it’s rewarding for you –you’re probably going to keep doing it. Maybe it’s weighing in every week tosee your progress or maybe it’s having your favourite cake at the end of a hardweek of workouts to reward yourself. Rewards make things worthwhile.

Our personal mentors here at VANDA are experts in helping you to make good habits. Habits that stick and are easy to keep to are the foundation of fitness and will really take your physique to the next year – so whether you start this year or next, become A better YOU at VANDA. Tofind out more about our personal mentors click here.

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