Why We Introduced Muay Thai To VANDA!

Why We Introduced Muay Thai To VANDA!

Many years ago VANDA was purely a Boxing Gym, known throughout Singapore as Vanda Boxing Club. But in 2009 we decided after much thought, to introduce a new sport to our members and it was then that VANDA also became a Muay Thai gym.

Muay Thai has many physical commonalities with Boxing, both sports requiring punching, balance and stamina. A fighter in each sport also has to hold many mental similarities, both fighters needing discipline, patience and respect. By offering our members Muay Thai classes in Singapore we have been able to preserve the art of Muay Thai. We aim to educate people on the craft of the sport, while they are able to utilize the intense art to help them achieve their goals.

Muay Thai training allows our members to take on a new fitness challenge but also unlocks a spiritual aspect to fighting which they may not have witnessed before in Boxing. This form of Thai Boxing famed as the discipline of ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ is steeped in tradition and heritage, all of which our coaches embody in their individual class rituals and approach to teaching this special Martial Art.

As a gym, we have learnt a lot from the art of Muay Thai and the teachings our coaches practice. The ethos of Muay Thai and Muay Thai fighters is something that echoes across everything we do at VANDA and our proud to expose more members than ever before to Muay Thai.

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