Why WE think Boxing and Muay Thai are the sports for YOUR fitness journey!

Why WE think Boxing and Muay Thai are the sports for YOUR fitness journey!

As you may or may not know, VANDA has been operating for 11 years now and we’re keen to share our love for the sport with all of our members! But our love for the sports of Boxing and Muay Thai aren’t the only reason we think you should use them to get to the next level in your fitness journey.

Stepping inside the boxing ring for the first time or taking your first Muay Thai classes can be intimidating, but with the personal mentors at VANDA, we think you’ll be able to get the most out the experience. (P.S. It helps that the are all ex-competitors and have stepped inside the ring too many times to mention!)

Your Fitness Journey

Boxing and Muay Thai all share a few fantastic benefits that, once you’ve read them, you’ll be signing up to any boxing lessons in Singapore that you can find.

You’re going to burn a lot of Calories

This won’t come as a surprise to you once you’ve made it through your first class with us – you’ll burn a lot of Calories. You can expect to burn anywhere from 400-500 Calories in an hour of boxing.

You’re going to improve all areas of your fitness

Boxing and Muay Thai can take your body to higher levels of fitness by improving your balance, coordination, strength and working your cardiovascular system hard. You’ll be using a lot of different muscle groups and putting in some seriously hard work – but you won’t regret it, the rewards make it seriously worthwhile!

You’ll improve body composition

Burning all of those Calories and building strength is going to have a huge effect on your body composition. How many professional fighters struggle to fit into their jeans!? Not many.

You’ll relieve some serious stress from your busy job

Boxing has been proven time and time again to help relieve stress and anxiety. It does this by stimulating feel good endorphins and getting you to focus on the here and now!

You’re going to gain confidence

If your clothes fitting better, having a better body composition and feeling fitter doesn’t make you more confident, then learning a new skill will boost your confidence to the next level! It’s a skill that will never leave you and you’ll earn a real sense of achievement.

Take the first steps!

If being in better shape, relieving stress and gaining confidence isn’t enough to have you stepping inside the Boxing ring or booking into Muay Thai lessons, then don’t forget about the sheer amount of fun you’ll have and friends you’ll make in class too. Check out our timetable here and sign up for a free trial to put on some boxing gloves and make a positive change today!

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