Why you no longer need PT with our Personal Mentoring scheme!

Why you no longer need PT with our Personal Mentoring scheme!

Hiring a personal trainer from a gym chain can be a risky decision. How do you know that PT walking around the gym floor will make you fitter, stronger, keep you motivated and get you into good, healthy habits? How do you know you’ll enjoy and benefit from their methods?

The whole point in working with a fitness trainer is to get the best out of you. If their methods aren’t effective, you might choose a new PT or join a new gym – the search for fitness continues.

As well as paying for your gym membership and PT fees, you might have to pay extra to attend classes if you enjoy working out in a group environment.

That’s why a membership at VANDA is like no other gym you’ll attend in Singapore.

You’ll have access to highly-skilled, proven trainers, an unlimited range of sweat-inducing classes, the latest technology to monitor success and access to our very own personal mentoring scheme. One membership, one cost.

Let us explain why you can let go of your traditional personal trainer with our unique Personal Mentoring scheme, all whilst gaining multiple extra benefits!

What is VANDA’s Personal Mentoring scheme?


As soon as you join the VANDA family, you’ll be assigned your very own personal mentor, who’ll provide full support to you on several fronts.

Your mentor will assess your current fitness levels, discuss your top goals and create a customised gym plan to work through. You’ll maintain regular contact with your mentor and have a new ‘induction’ every 3 months to review progress, discuss your thoughts and set new goals.

In addition to the technical and workout side of your training, your personal mentor will be on hand to support and advise you on all your fitness and health-related requirements, including lifestyle choices away from the gym, which can often be the most difficult part of sticking to a fitness program.

At VANDA, we expect our top-class fitness trainers to maintain quality and consistency at all times. It’s these standards that keep our team ticking and our members delighted.

How much does the personal mentoring scheme cost?

Ok, this sounds great but what about the extra cost?

There is none! No hidden fees or special personal training fees. The personal mentoring scheme comes as part of your monthly VANDA membership.

Plus, there’s no pressure to get involved when you join. The scheme is there purely for your convenience and benefit if you want the extra help, expertise and motivation it can bring to your training.

Why you’ll benefit from our unique fitness scheme

PT Monitoring

Our Personal Mentoring scheme offers you much more than your average weekly personal training session. It’s a long-term solution to gain fitness and save yourself the additional fees.

Insight into your body analysis – unlike a normal PT where you might just jump into the first session, your personal mentor will talk you through a full body analysis during your induction session. Here, your trainer will learn much more about your lifestyle, nutrition requirements and fitness goals.

Your mentor will arm you with key nutritional information, how to calculate your macros and calorie control. This knowledge will give you a much better understanding of your food choices, helping greatly when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

Customised program – once your first session is complete, your coach will create a completely customised fitness program – no off the shelf programs here. The benefit with this is that the program is fully tailored to you, your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Smart technology – at VANDA we take a smart approach to our training. When you join the personal mentor scheme, you’ll be given your own ToolKit with SMART wearables. These will track key fitness data from every workout you do, helping to provide a scientific input to inform training choices, whilst tracking your current progress.

Support and motivation – you’ll never find yourself demotivated or lonely when part of the VANDA family. Our trainers and your Mentor are here to provide constant support, both inside and outside of the gym. This focused, positive environment is designed to keep you on-track and feeling good. Just think how much better you perform with a little support behind you? When you’re part of the VANDA community, you’ll always have this.

The unique set up of VANDA and our personal mentoring scheme is specifically designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our integrated, forward-looking, all-in-one solution gives you the best of all fitness worlds allowing you to plan, perform and progress with ease.

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