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You’ll be hard pressed to find a boxing gym without the requisite heavy bag. Some gyms have brand spanking new leather types, whilst others sport bags that look like they seen one too many years. It’s often the old, beat-up looking bags that feel the best. Ask any boxer in a gym and he/she will tell you they have a favourite bag. This is frequently a heavy bag, which like a shoe feels better with age. Here are my top 5 drills for quality work on the heavy bag:


1. Power Punches

Move around the bag throwing power punches at 80%. Throw punches in at least 2’s. Practice set power punch combos such as the one-two hook or the double left hook to the body and head.


2. Punch Outs (Endurance Drill)

Straights/uppercuts/hooks on the bag as fast as you can for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds rest. Repeat this 3 times before taking a full 1 minute break. Do this for 3 sets. Have a partner record the number of punches thrown and try and increase the volume of punches over a time period, such as a month.


3. Timing Drills

Have a partner call out combinations such as double jab or one two and try to execute them as soon as they are called out. Limit combinations to 4 punches.


4. Accuracy Drills

Use duct tape to mark certain portions of the bag with numbers. Have a partner call out the numbers one or two at a time and proceed to throw punches at the numbered regions. The aim here is accuracy so do not forego that for speed of execution.


5. Conditioning/Punch Outs

Perform 30 seconds of an exercise such as push ups, pull ups or burpees followed by 30 seconds power punches on the bag. Repeat 3 times then rest for 1 minute.


Till next time! – AJ


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