You ARE progressing!

You ARE progressing!

You’re Getting Better at Boxing, If these things are Happening

You found out the price of boxing in Singapore, attended a few boxing classes and still run on your favourite running routes in Singapore, but are you progressing in your boxing? It’s sometimes hard to tell how you’re progressing with boxing, especially if you aren’t competing.

Progress drives us forward and keeps us going when times get tough. A lack of progress might cause you to throw in the towel and quit all together. 

But, if these things are happening it is likely you’re getting better.

When These Things Happen, You Know You’re Improving:

  1. The boxing classes in Singapore you’re taking don’t feel as exhausting: Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still be tired – but, you’re able to power through without stopping to frantically gasp for air. You’re getting fitter!
  2. Combos are more natural: When you’re at your boxing classes in Singapore your combos snap out of your arms much more naturally, quickly and without effort. They’ve become muscle memory and you’re progressing!
  3. People offer friendly guidance: Oftentimes people are hesitant to bombard newbies with advice and guidance. But when they can see you’re serious and have some talent they’ll come over and help you in your training. At VANDA we are all about community and soon new members will be asking YOU for guidance.
  4. You want to spar, or you have started sparring: It’s natural to want to take things to the next level once you’ve been to plenty of boxing classes in Singapore. The next step is usually sparring – it’s a big step too. If you’ve started sparring you might even feel like your abilities have gone backwards – but that’s only because you’re now fighting a living, breathing and thinking opponent. Not just a punchbag!
  5. You turn up and get on with it. At this stage of your training you know what you need to improve and how to do it. You still go to your boxing classes in Singapore but you get stuck in straight away, you’ve got a job to do and want to get on with it.
  6. Your favourite running routes in Singapore are easier than ever. Boxing will get you fit and you might notice it in other areas of your life before you do in the ring.

Progress is important, nobody likes to feel like they’re stationary, spinning their wheels and getting nowhere! If you’d like to find out how we can help you progress even faster, boxing in Singapore prices or how to attend a free trial with us –click here.

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