Meet the Vanda team

From national champions to international athletes, each of our training team have the experience to help our members meet their goals. They will work closely with you to design a custom plan to help you achieve your goals. At VANDA we are about building communities so no matter what time of day you choose to train you will always be surrounded by familiar and friendly faces.


Ryan may be one of the best Muay Thai coaches in Singapore, but he can't swim!

RYAN Coach

Ryan is a WMO affiliated coach (World Muay Thai Organization) and has been perfecting the art of Muay Thai since 2008.

Ryan loves "combining the Strength and Conditioning classes and Technical classes to create a unique workout that helps our members achieve their fitness goals".


Vernon actively practices Parkour as a hobby.

VERNON Trainer

Actively competing since 2012, Vernon is one of our Muay Thai trainers whom you may have seen in action.

Vernon enjoys teaching our Technical classes "because it focuses on the execution of the art of 8 limbs and I love watching our members learning the true art of Muay Thai.


No matter what time of day it is, Sam always has the biggest smile in VANDA!

SAM Coach

Sam is multi-talented and coaches both Boxing and Muay Thai and is still active in the Boxing Olympic circuit.

Sam loves our Power Pads class because "they are simply just exhausting, and they also build your explosive strength making you a stronger boxer".


Dre is our resident artist drawing weird illustrations to demonstrate his points to our members - but trust us it works!

DRE Trainer

Dre is a strong member of our Muay Thai trainer team who started his martial arts journey over 10 years ago and is still competing.

Dre's favorite class is Clinching, "I love to teach practical techniques, then witnessing our members executing it during sparring."


Kelvin is the proud owner of a VERY cute puppy, check his Instagram for pictures of Gravy!


Kelvin has over 13 years of extensive experience in Muay Thai and is a World Boxing Council Certified coach.

Kelvin, cannot choose a favorites class; "I love that we have designed every type of class to complement each other so that training is holistic."